About The Skunk Monkey

First, a short warning for those of weak will and mind: Skunky is very opinionated and has no hesitation to speak his mind as freely as he throws poo around his cage. If you are easily offended and hurt by mere words, this is definitely not the place for you.

The Skunk Monkey was found in the late 80’s and immediately found a home online when the Internet came along in the 90’s. He was particularly interested in online gaming and found this was his calling. He’s played most MMORPGs and beta tested them all along with many that never made it.

For those that are interested, a Skunk Monkey is what a Bigfoot/Sasquatch is called in Florida. But in our case, the specimen is nothing like the Florida creature. Our Skunk Monkey is not nearly as big and more lanky. He’s not prone to violence and tends to move about slowly, like a sloth. He’s got a quick wit and tends to make light of all situations. He has a very low tolerance for idiots, morons, retards and asshats.

I know your going to ask, who am I? I’m Zookeeper Bob, I clean up after the little bugger and keep him fed.

Skunky, The Skunk Monkey and Zookeeper Bob are fictional characters that live in the mind of James Kupperian.