The news channel that everyone loves to hate, Fox News truly is the sly fox and is delivering the best faux news. The best part is because people think they are legitimate, they don’t get the snickers that rags like the Enquirer and it’s ilk get when brought up in conversation.

A perfect example of the journalistic integrity at Faux Newz is a story today about how a “Texas Woman Kills Home Intruder With His Own Gun“.

Upon reading the headline you might be thinking, “You go girl!”, but if you actually read the story, it’s the husband that ultimately ends up with the shotgun and is reported as being the one firing the gun and killing the suspect.

Now there’s two ways to look at this. Either, the idiot writing the headline has the reading comprehension of a Redwood stump or someone wants to add a little sensationalism…

Sorta like the Enquirer?

As one DNC protester so eloquently put when asked by a Faux News reporter, “Do you have anything to say?”

FUCK FOX NEWS!” – Anonymous Protesting US Citizen.

You go dude!