Why are Americans so focused on war? It seems we’ve been desensitized to the term over the years by using it to label political and religious movements.

These days if you want to demonize something, you declare war against it. It’s not really war, you know, with guns, bullets, death and all that other nasty unpleasant stuff, but propaganda tactic used against anything deemed a threat to the status quo.

The term is often rolled out and used against an “enemy” that has no physical component that the conventional war machine can conquer and “win”. Thus you end up with what basicly is an endless situation that people can profit from.

My guess is that the first time this was used was in the 50’s against communism, but there were physical targets to attack and wars that resulted (Korea, Vietnam). We couldn’t sustain those wars, one is at a stalemate today and the other was a loss, so there was no profit.

Next came the War on Drugs. There is no way to win this so called war. The term “drugs” is so broad there will always be something they could target. With the property seizures associated with this military action against it’s own citizens, the law enforcement, legal, and prison industries are able to make great profits. This is why we are still suffering today from this idiocy.

Still, as we declared war on everything from pollution to fatty foods to people with two left feet, the real war machine wasn’t making big profits and ended up charging hundreds of dollars for things like a hammer or toilet seat. They needed a way to get the war machine working again but they wanted a sustainable system.

Along comes the war on terror. The perfect propaganda machine to enable both the real war machine and big oil to obtain endless profits. We now have a war that will never end, terror will always be present in the world, and it’s powering our most profitable industries, war and oil.

I’ve gotten so tired of the use of this phrase that I am going to officially declare a War on The Phrase “War On”!

Take that ya warmongering asshats!