That’s right folks, your gonna need a good lube job for this one. Microsoft is going to force XP users to upgrade to IE7 via Windows Update next month whether or not your copy is running the Windows Garbage Advantage utility.

As a web developer, it is essential I keep older versions of browsers around to test my work and Microsoft is stabbing me in the leg here. Sure, there’s supposed to be a way for network admins to protect their system from being updated, but it looks like home and small business users are going to take it in the ass as MS jams this update in there.

I’m sick and tired of companies being allowed to force their shit on the public without recourse. This country is run by the companies and their sponsored politicians. The last time I looked up the definitions of various forms of government, one run by the corporations is called FASCISM. We only have the illusion of participating in the selection of who we vote for, but if the only choices we have are are sponsored candidates, there’s NO choice.

The more I see it, the more I fully believe that 2008 will be the year they say the US became a fascist government.

Update: While I recommend that most people update to IE (it’s marginally better than IE6), if your like me and have a machine you don’t want IE7 installed on, MS has released a small utility to disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 7.