I really hate those free newspapers that keep showing up on my front lawn. I don’t read them, I did not ask for them. All they do is become litter in my yard, but I can’t stop it. I wish I could just drive by the publishers house and toss some unwanted paper in their yard. How quick do you think I’d be arrested and ticketed as a litterbug?

Fortunately, Carroll County Delegate Tanya Shewell has woken from the political fog and seen that these things are a nuisance and that people should have a way to stop them. She’s proposed a “Do Not Deliver” bill that work work like the national “Do Not Call” registry.

Of course, the usual Free Speech nuts crawl out of the woodwork and bitch and moan. This has nothing to do with free speech, it has to do with people littering on my private property. There is no suppression of speech against the government by preventing these people from littering on my lawn.

One asshat lawyer in media law said similar laws would have to be created for pizza ads and other flyers. WTF? Only a lawyer would say some bullshit like that. We are talking about newspapers which are clearly distinguishable from flyers and other types of promotional material that can show up on your doorstep.

It’s simple, I don’t want your dead trees and ink littering my lawn. I wonder if I can complain to the city that someone keeps throwing trash on my lawn. I did not ask for the paper, I do not read the paper, why should I be forced to put up with having to dispose of this trash everyday?

Get offa mah lawn!