Asshat Of The Week AwardI’ve recently been bothered by the really poor headlines and glaring typos on major news outlets web sites. I mean, who writes headlines like “Candidate X wins, what does that mean?”. It means he got the majority of the vote you idiot! I realize that wasn’t the intention of the question, but it’s still a stupid question.

There was a poll on CNN yesterday and the question was “Who do think is the frontrunner in the Republican presidential race?”. Yes, read that carefully. “Who do think…” Apparently not the editors at CNN. As for the answer to the question, um, the one with the most delegates? I mean, it’s not hard to understands 5000>3000. I’ll take Basic Math Skills for $1000 Alex.

My favorite padding technique was demonstrated over at Faux Newz. I didn’t realize the writers strike was affecting journalistic writers, forcing them to pad stories out by flat out duplicating the article content. “Faux Newz, where if it didn’t happen, we’ll just make something up.”

So this weeks Asshat Prize is being awarded to the various editors of mainstream media news web sites. May you forever weild the news pen in a creative, rather than journalistic manner… Because I really need the content!