Asshat Of The Week AwardHe’s baaaaack! No, not me, everyone’s favorite racist asshat, the exalted, high and mighty Reverend Al Sharpton.

This past weekend at a golf tournanament in Hawaii, a commentator made a poor judgement call and used the L word while talking about Tiger Woods. No, no, no, not that L word. I mean, Tiger’s wife is hot and all… um, back on track. I’m referring to the word ‘lynch’. The guy from the Golf Channel, yes, the GOLF channel, was suspended for two weeks but I got a feeling that ol’ Al won’t stop ’till the poor guy’s career is over.

It seems the only time you can safely use that word is when your talking to Merrill about finances, David about movies and Jessica about being kidnapped. Don’t use it when a black man is around though, cause that’s racist.

I mean, let’s forget for a minute that Tiger Wood’s is bi-racial, his father is African-American but his mother is not. I’m not even sure if Tiger’s father has been to Africa, but I digress. Does the Rev. Al Sharpie know this? I mean, if the Rev finds out, will he suddenly be half as upset?

I read the article on this story and was shocked, shocked I tell ya, to suddenly come across the good Rev Sharpie’s name in an article about a possible racist uttering on television. Well, not really, but I really wasn’t expecting it since he’s been quiet since his last indignation didn’t go so well.

I had just begun to forget about this nut job. Ah well, can’t win ‘em all.

Piss of Sharpster!