This one of those stories that just begs comedians to write jokes by the boat load. The front page of CNN today showed a photo of the fugliest looking bride I have ever see. I mean, this dude just was NOT thinking when he woke up this morning and decided to put this outfit on.

What the hell is up with these people? I can understand wanting to put on a disguise to carry out a terrorist attack, but day-um, pick a better disguise than the Bride of Frankenstein.

I can just hear the conversation before this photo was taken.

Terrorist: Hallla fookie halla wakka do! (Translator: He demands you let him take off the disguise before you take his photo)
Sarge: No, you stand there, we need you photo! (Translator: Dooka fallah hookie fallah dookie.)
Terrorist: Walla! Walla! Fookie dookie yookie! (Translator: He says your Mother is….)
Sarge: Shut Up! *thwak!* I don’t wanna hear another word!
Sarge: Alright, get this cross-dressing freak outta my sight!