I’ve avoided jumping on the ‘bash the living daylights out of Michael Vick’ bandwagon because I believe in innocent until proven or admitted guilty. Now that Mr. Vick has entered his plea of GUILTY, I feel it’s the appropriate time to to address the issue.

Dog fighting is just plain evil. We pit humans against each other all the time, but they choose whether or not they want the fight. They wear protection to prevent serious injury and there is also someone there that has the power to stop the fight to protect the health and life of the participants. Dog fighting has none of this and literally disposes of losers.

Mr. Vick, this is how you would treat what humanity has come to know as Man’s Best Friend? You sir, deserve to have your humanity revoked for such behavior and profiteering. Young kids around this country looked up to you as an NFL quarterback, idolized by these children, and you turn out to be no better than a common thug or punk. This has nothing to do with race, the only black and white here is the right and wrong of dogfighting. It’s wrong. Plain and simple, clear as black and white.

Of course, there will be those that try excuse your behavior and try to convince us you’re worthy of a second chance. Sorry, not buying it. Did any of the dogs that lost get a second chance Mr. Vick? I’m sorry, but you have no business playing in professional sports, you have no business of ever being in a position of being looked up to by a kid again, ever.

I heard that someone is selling a Vick Chew Toy for dogs that looks like a little football player with your jersey on it. I hope the guy makes millions. I’ve also heard that people who own your jersey have been donating them to local animal shelters to line dog cages and, in the immortal words of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, “FOR THEM TO POOP ON!”

I can only hope that we never hear about this asshat in the news again, ever.